Hallberg-Rassy 31 Monsun septic tank to through-deck outlet

You can start with downloading or opening the overview of the septic system installation in SV Isabell. The septic tank system (PDF 0.6Mb)

The hole through the deck for the stainless steel deck fill is first drilled from underneath with a 6mm drillbit, and then drilled from above with a hole cutting tool. It was drilled with the center 70mm from the inside of the cupboard top, and 90mm from the right wall of the cupboard (see drawing).
The deck is about 40 mm thick, including the plastic foam filler.
The hole and drilled screw fitting holes is covered with epoxy compound before fitting in the new through-deck fill.
Then the deck fill is placed in the hole and aligned with the screw holes. See the small stripes that were put there before applying the epoxy.
The screws are put in place and then the 38 mm sanitation grade hose can be fitted from beneath with stainless steel hose clamp.

Now we are ready to put the rest of the 38 mm sanitation grade hoses in place.

The double stainless steel T-connection in the 38 mm hose going from the septic holding tank to the seacock outlet is ready.
This is how it looks in the right side cupboard, with the 19 mm id vent pipe hose of the septic tank, and the 38 mm hose to the deck fill.
And this is how it looks when the cupboard doors are back in place, with the Gobius control panel to the left.

Now we are ready to install the Gobius tankmeter on the inside of the cupboard with the tank. I tapped the 12V DC power from the light fitting in front of and above the cupboard.

A thin hole is drilled and filed through the cupboard door, using the template from Gobius.
The wiring and control unit are in place. And the control panel is put on the outside of the cupboard.

Shopping list/Inköpslista

Item name Namn på svenskaAmount neededNumber on drawing
Waste SIS8099:2000 standard deck fill stainless steeldäckskontakt RF SIS 80991 piece, L=110mm, diameter 85mm1
Sanitation grade hose 19mmSanitetsslang gastät 19mm1.2 meter2
Sanitation grade hose 38mmSanitetsslang gastät 38mm4 meter3
Stainless steel T-connections 1 1/2"38mm T-kopplingar RF2 pieces, 3x inner threading G404
Stainless steel ball valve 1 1/2"38mm kulventil rak1 piece, G40 threading5
Six sided fitting stainless steel 1 1/2"Sexkantnippel RF 38mm, dubbel1 piece, double outside threading G-type6
Stainless steel hose clipsSlangklämma RF30-45mm, 14 pieces7
Stainless steel hose clipsSlangklämma RF15-24mm, 2 pieces8
Hosetails stainless steel 1 1/2"slangsockel RF 38mm5 pieces, outer G-threading 9
Hose connector plasticSlangadapter plast1 piece, 30-60mm10

Isabell already had a septic tank installed inside the cupboard behind the toilet

As a start all of the toilet equipment was removed to get to the 38mm septic tubing

And here is the first layout of the new T-connection for the septic outlet through the deck winter 2013-14. Look at the drawing closely to see that this layout did not fit. Instead the T-connections were separated with a piece of 38mm tubing to make the upward hose go behind the wash basin