Johannes (Johan), schipper

Johannes was born in Zierikzee, Zeeland in 1960. Resided in a small village Dreischor just a stone-throw away from the sea. Moved to the big city in his younger years. Still, water and boats were his passion, not surprising for a Dutch resident, since water is everywhere around. As a teenager, sailing with friends started in the newly arisen water paradise de Vlietlanden. The dream of owning and using a sailing boat started here.

Moved to the USA for studies as a young adult. Far away from the sea, canals, and lakes, the sailing spirit went dormant. Then, during the Spring of 1983 he studied the ecology of marine and freshwater organisms, with special attention given to the pollutant effects on marine life. During these studies, a perfect opportunity to re-connect with the sea was given by the marine biology course in Cedar Keys, Florida in the Gulf of Mexico. Had a great time living in the abandoned light house on Seahorse Key.

Moving to Sweden in 1986, lived a short while near the sea between Sweden and Denmark, then moved inland to work with full-time environmental research. Hence, the lake work and sea-surface science that followed gave many opportunities to enjoy boating. He participated in ocean expeditions in 1992, 1995, 2001, 2006 and 2008. As the kids grew up and started sea-scouting, Johannes followed along as a parent (mostly to act as ballast in the boats) and re-discovered the love of sailing.

In 2004, a 21-foot Marieholm Seacat was donated to the family and a total renovation was done in winter 2004-2005. The boat was completed and in ship-shape come spring 2005. Sailing many evenings and weekends, dreams started about sailing the wider waters.

The skipper at the geographical North Pole 2001 and 2008

Moving to the sea-shore in Fall of 2008 presented the option to move the Seacat or buy a more seaworthy ship to sail the seas. The latter was done, finding a beautiful classical yacht S/Y Amalia, the deal was settled. Now Johannes is the proud owner of S/Y Isabell, formerly called Amalia.

In 2010 Johannes started working for the Swedish government and moved to Sundbyberg, a small town just outside of Stockholm, the Capital of Sweden. Isabell was moved to a privately owned mooring site in the Stockholm archipelago first, but since 2011 she is stationed at the large Marina of Bullando. Shortly thereafter the skipper moved to Stockholm, and then to Nacka. From there he continued to explore all corners of the Baltic Sea region and sailed back and forth to the Netherlands.

Johannes has sailed many nautical miles together with friends and family, and even single-handed. He is convinced that handling Isabell alone is no problem, but a lot less fun than sharing it with a crew.

Happy Skipper 2012

A happy skipper after returning home from a 1220 nautical miles round trip of the Gulf of Bothnia

Johannes (Johan) Knulst, captain and owner of Isabell

The Vliet, or Rijn-Schiekanaal, in Voorschoten, where the skipper learned alot about big waves, too large ships, and hard rowing in his younger years

This is the dock where our family had our boat, at the quay along the prof Boerhaaveweg in Voorschoten

A world perspective and sailing a small boat Dharma on lake Helgasjon 2008 outside of Växjö

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