From Stockholm to Poland 2017

Leaving Stockholm on July 30, 2017

Isabell sailing south 2017

The original plan was to sail down to the islands of Gotland (SE), Bornholm (DK), to Polish coastal harbours, to Klaipeda (LT) and back to Stockholm. As shown in the map on this picture. Our trip started from Bullandö Marina on Sunday July 30th. The wind blew from the south and was very unstable. We started with one reef in the main. What we did not know then was that we would be reefing down most of the trip. Winds varied from storm down to stiltje during the whole tour. Our first night on board was spent at an anchorage at Braka island in the Stockholm archipelago. We are on our way!

Preliminary harbours we will visit are Burgsvik on Gotland, then Svaneke and Nexø on Bornholms eastern coast, from there we sail to Poland, town of Kolobrzeg, on to Darlowo, then Ustka, Leba, Wladyslawowo, Hel, Gdynia, and Gdansk. Somewhere along the way we are meeting up with family who are out roaming the Polish coast with a camper. From Gdansk we will try and sail north by northeast to the port of Klaipeda in Lithuania. From there we either sail home via Gotland (Fårön) or via Latvian ports. We will see where the wind blows once we get there.

Anchorage at Gotska Sandön July 31, 2017

During the evening the wind is picking up and we are slowly getting used to the rough sea and beating into the wind with reefed main and small staysail. Therefore, we decide to tuck in on the leeward side of Gotska Sandön which does not have any jetties. But there is a sandy, deep inlet on the northeastern point of the island, at Kyrkviken. We find it in the dark, partly with the help of our AIS monitor that shows other boats already anchored there. Here we get a good nights rest after 88 NM of tacking.

Beating our way to Fårön August 1st

And we are on our way bright and early in the morning. At daylight the anchor comes up and we sail east around the island of Gotska Sandön. The wind is still south southwest, pest. As we come around the southeastern tip the wind dies down and heavy rainclouds are ahead. We try to motorsail as far west as we can get and most of the storm goes past us in the east. Thankful for that, we sail south by southwest, meaning we are still hauling close. Understandable, we are quite alone on the sea. Late in the evening we reach our destination, the harbour of Lauterhorn. Press in Isabell at the nock of one of the jetties. It is crowded, but we are happy to find a spot. Raining all night, we are glad to have a roof over our heads and get a good nights sleep.

Gotland, here we come

We sail down to Gotland on the 2nd of August. Wind is fron the southeast. First about 15 knots wind, and as we go along, it starts gusting between 15 and 25 knots. When we are crossing the mouth of a large inlet to the town of Kappelshamn, the wind picks up to gushes of over 30 knots (max 34). We put a second reef in the mainsail and continue south. But it is getting rougher and rougher on the sea surface. So we head into the bay and continue to beat down to the town of Kappelshamn. We find the harbour late in the afternoon and decide to stay. Only a few boats here. Lucky, because it is a small harbour with only a few places for guest boats.