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Charge regulator

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Date sent: 2018/07/22 21:10:38
This spring I installed a new alternator to battery regulator from Sterling-Power. The results are very good and the charging from the alternator is improved a lot, almost as it was like an charger from shore-power. It is easy to install without any modifications to the alternator. I’ve only have to change to an better cable from B+ from 25 to 50 square mm. This regulator can handle a lot of differently batteries. There are a lot of info of this charging system by This is only an interesting way to improve charging and I have nothing else to do with Sterling company at all.
//StigE “ORUST” ( #186 Sirona III )

Date sent: 2018/10/29 20:20:53
Hello Orust,

We have installed this same generator to battery charge regulator (Sterling Power max 80 A) on Isabell in 2015. It is a great improvement. Never have problems with low battery power anymore. It works with the standard generator om diesel engine and makes use of the standard regulator on the engine driven generator. Great invention. I bought it in the UK, directly from Sterling Power Ltd.


Date sent: 2018/11/02 09:38:24
I’ve used my Sterling regulator the whole season 2018 and it has been a huge improvement.
I’ve also a100 watt solar panel but now with it’s own MPPT regulator. I tried to use the alternator to battery regulator as regulator also for the solar panel but that was not the optimum solution.

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