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Centerline hull repair - Deck and superstructure - Monsun Forum

Centerline hull repair

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Date sent: 2018/03/03 17:05:07
I just got hauled out for bottom paint in Mexico. While I was sanding I found a small amount of water dripping out of the seam down the centerline of the boat. After further sanding the problem grew to include the entire length of the boat. I have to have fiberglass laid down from bow to stern.

Have any of you experienced this with your Monsun? If the hull is actually two halves merely epoxied together this is a major design weakness in my opinion.

KEVIN SV Colmena #178

Date sent: 2018/03/30 05:38:15
Hi Kevin,

Thanks for sharing this info and good job!

Was the water being trapped in the hull (between epoxy putty and fiberglass) and now it came out when you sanded the bottom?

This winter I noticed crack on the centerline seam which is located between rudder fittings. I removed the paint and old putty and now I am planning to put new putty to the seam and paint area with epoxy primer. I believe it is likely that this is not the only part of my boat´s centerline seam where is cracks..

If you have any pictures or videos of your bottom project, it would be great if you could share those here or in your youtube-channel!



Heikki from Finland
Monsun #494

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