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Drain plugg

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Date sent: 2018/01/07 22:09:08
I have seen that some Monsun's have a drain plugg at the keel (dyvika in swedish). My boat have noon and I wonder therefore if it has been removed or covered. Anyone on the Forum who knews If a drain plugg is standard on a Monsun and what compartment it drains?
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S/V Magisk Teppe
Date sent: 2018/01/13 19:55:31

S/V Magisk Teppe
Date sent: 2018/01/13 19:55:42

I think this was standard from HR. Mine drains the lowest part of the bilge, and is found on the port side. If you manage to locate it, and it has not been glassed over, make sure your plug is of the solid type, and not hollow.


Date sent: 2018/01/14 18:50:54
Yes, we have discussed this on the old forum. The drain plug is standard. It can either be on the port or starboard side of the bottom of the bilge. Look inside the bilge through (sumpen in Swedish) and you will see a hole going out one side. The plug is on the same side as the hole that goes out of the through.

It is usually covered over with plastic padding or other glassfibre. Very handy to have it for cleaning the bilge in winter maintainance.

Date sent: 2018/02/01 12:41:57
I have one too, but its a lot of corrision and needs to be replaced often... Its hard to open it:)

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