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Broken Mainsheet trotter - Sails and rigging - Monsun Forum

Broken Mainsheet trotter

Author Message

Magnus Lagerberg
Date sent: 2017/12/30 15:39:50
Our mainsheet traveller (storskotstravare) broke this summer in hard weather outside Huvudskär and a throw gipp.
Is there anyone at the forum who has a spare?
Or any tips aboat repair.

Monsun nr 284


Date sent: 2018/01/02 08:45:27
Hi Magnus.
I`m sitting home right now... do you have a picture of this when it`s not broken...
Perhaps i can fix it.

Regards Peter

Magnus Lagerberg
Date sent: 2018/02/24 14:40:41
I have turned to a rig expert who thinks it's quite easy to fix.
Aluminum can be drilled. A stainless steel round bar should be bent and fitted with recessed screws.
I will return with picture when it is finished.

Magnus Lagerberg
Date sent: 2018/04/08 16:36:43
The work is done. And didn´t cost a lot of Money.

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