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Water tank

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Juan Fuster
Date sent: 2017/04/03 16:47:33
Hello Monsuns family.
I want to expose a problem with my water tank.
Depending of the kind of sailing my HR Monsun 674 (1979) I could find litle links of water at the bilge or the water tank completely empty, depending of heeling's level.
Finally, last week-end I toke out the tank and I found the walls fulls of cracks. After a bad movement I did a real hole and finally I discovered that the tank has arrived to the end of his life (38 years old)
It was a 160 litrs water tank lokated as ussual in the bow of the boat.
Looking here and ther in Internet I found this danish web page:
They produce a similar water tank 1030x960x45. It is a 170 litrs.
My question is ¿anybody has the same problem? ¿Any ideas?
Thanks from Palma de Mallorca
Best regards
Juan Fuster

S/V Magisk Teppe
Date sent: 2017/06/25 22:57:03

Did you figure this out? If my tank ever failed, I think I would probably just use jerry-cans, and make it so that I could just attach the foot-pump in the jerry-can, and changi it out every time it was empty. In that way, it would be very easy to know how much water you had, and also to be sure the water was not contaminated (I drink a lot of collected rain water).

Martin 625
Date sent: 2018/08/15 16:35:54
Hola Juan
I'm thinking about ordering made to measure tanks in SS and install them beneath the bunks in the saloon. I think the centered weight could hopefully improve the sailing abilities.
The project is still in a planning process. So, if anybody has ideas or experiences on that I´d be happy to read/see them.
Thanks in advance and have a nice sailing summer!

Date sent: 2018/08/15 20:37:58
A low cost alternative would be water bags, aka flexible water tanks. Plastimo makes these, but probably there are other brands with different sizes.

Martin 625
Date sent: 2018/08/17 11:05:54
Hi Albertina,
I also thought about tis but prefer a fix tank version - though more expensive :-(. Regards

Date sent: 2018/11/05 00:04:26
My water tank finally cracked on the top port side on the whole length after a wild ride from Fiji to NZ. It had a small crack before and I used the special 3M Polypropilene glue to fix it. But now I need to replace the tank.

Has anybody ever done that ? Looks like I have to remove one or two bulkheads to remove the tank.

I tried to get specs from Hallberg Rassy and Hallberg Rassy Parts. But they haven't responded.


s/v Patience

Date sent: 2018/11/09 17:30:12
Hallberg Rassy does not have any spare parts such as the water tank for the Monsun. I found a company in Sweden that manufactures a lot of freshwater and diesel tanks for the Nordic boat market. Here is the page that they have the different sizes and shapes:,-husv.husbil-29044777
The 170 liter tank looks pretty much like the one in my Monsun.

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