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Jib for high winds

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Date sent: 2017/03/17 13:06:05
Hello all,
behind the roller reefing system I have a double forstay to put Sails in high wind situations.
Now I want to buy a new jib for this purpose which has good upwind qualities.
Does anyone have made good experiences with a special size and shape (high aspect?).
For really hard weather (above 9bft) I have a storm jib with ca 7 sqm.

Thanks for posting and kind regards.

Date sent: 2017/03/22 19:55:17
Hi Martin,
I have a storm jib that is just 4 square meters big and enough for the winds you are mentioning. Then there is a working jib with high cut that is 18 sq. meters. Don't use it much since the roller genua is easy to adjust down to rather small sizes. Mostly just use that in winds up to Bf7.

Date sent: 2018/03/04 09:59:03
Have a look at "proper cutter rig" I've sent two pictures there of my Two jib:s for heavy wether sailing //Sirona III

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