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What kind of battery charger are you using? - Electronics and charging - Monsun Forum

What kind of battery charger are you using?

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Date sent: 2017/01/23 17:46:59
Wondering what kind of charger you are using on your battery banks?

I had an old marine charger unit that broke down a few years ago. Now I have had it replaced by a new Yuasha (Ctek) stepwise 10 A charger connected to shore power. But it broke down after one season of use. Have you had similar problems?

Date sent: 2017/01/29 17:39:52
Tomorrow i go to the boat and tjek the Amp-size on our charger, however I think 10 Amp is a little to smal. In our motor-boat we chose the smallest charger for marineuse (can´t remember the brand, but not C-tec) and that was 16 Amp. In our Nicholson 35 think we had 35 Amp.
I´ll tjek tomorrow.


Date sent: 2017/02/12 14:53:54
....finally i checked out our charger in Kris´
It´s a mobitronic TYPE 925-012TD 25A.


Date sent: 2017/02/19 10:07:24
Today i ordered a Cyrix-ct relay for correct charging of my batteries. Before this there was no separation when engine-charging at all.... both starting and domestic battery was charged in parallel causing the batteries never fully charged. This separator seems to be the best and sheapest device and very simpel to install.

Peter (Kris` 767)

Date sent: 2017/04/24 20:13:25
Hi all,
mine is a Philippi, quite satisfied with it.

Date sent: 2017/06/28 18:55:55
Now we have invested in a new battery charger that is a 15 Amps CTEK block landpower charger. Also invested in a Sterling Power alternator to battery charger 12V 80A that uses the common alternator regulator to boost the charging of the batteries while running the engine. Have tried it out and very pleased with it so far. This toghether with the new solar panels will keep the refridgerator humming and the batteries topped up.

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