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Chafe protection to wooden toerails - Deck and superstructure - Monsun Forum

Chafe protection to wooden toerails

Author Message

Date sent: 2016/11/20 22:06:28
Would anyone have good tips where to get chafe protection lists for the wooden toe rails? Here are some pictures of what I mean:



The pictures are of "Golden Lady" in Råå museum today. Don't mind the Xmas stuff on the deck...

Mikko / Albertina #515

Date sent: 2017/01/23 17:42:16
I have the same chafe protection ribbons on the toerails of Isabell. They were already there when I bought her. Actually quite simple strips of bronze, 1 cm wide, with small wood screw holes (tapered) every 5 cm. It is maybe possible to order them from a normal metal working shop? Could be that they are also used for use on stairways to prevent slipping and falling down.

SY Isabell

Date sent: 2017/01/24 11:57:09
Hi to everybody from Germany (Fengari '625)
Here you'll find what you need:
Kind regards

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