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Adding images to your posts

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Date sent: 2016/11/14 18:30:50
Now you are allowed to add small images to your posts.

You just click on the :Add image to post: link below the posting form,

choose your image/picture, and then click the Upload button.

It will look like this:

Date sent: 2016/11/22 20:13:00
just trying to send a picture.

grt. Compaen 571


Date sent: 2017/03/13 20:19:34

Date sent: 2017/03/28 02:48:10
There is a Monsun Facebook page.

It would be nice if there was a photo gallery though.

Date sent: 2017/03/30 06:43:46
Here is a photo gallery of Monsuns...

Send your photo with hull number and boatname to for it to be posted there.

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