The Hallberg-Rassy 31 Monsun Forum

A platform for discussions about technical and social issues related to the classical Hallberg Rassy built 31-ft sailing yacht Monsun. A replacement of the now obsolete forum that was found at

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Topic Author Replies
Proper Cutter Rig Martin 625 11
Broken Mainsheet trotter Magnus Lagerberg 3
Hatch is leak Roar Holtborg 1
Jib for high winds Martin 2
Fix boom Martin 625 1
Taller mast S/V Magisk Teppe 2
Boom roller mechanism michidago 0
Mast roller reefing Peter Garven 4
leading lines to cockpit tormelin1 0
New Genoa Colmena 6
Standard sailplan Monsun Johknu 0
New chainplates Albertina515 6

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