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A platform for discussions about technical and social issues related to the classical Hallberg Rassy built 31-ft sailing yacht Monsun. A replacement of the now obsolete forum that was found at

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Welcome to this forum to share your experience and ideas with other Monsun owners or enthusiasts.

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Sprayhood extension Etc. ORUST 0
Lenght of whisker pole Bo Hedqvist 0
Teak Toerail Replacement Fram 0
Electric windlass Bo Hedqvist 5
#178 Colmena - For Sale Colmena 0
Does anyone know Monsun no 135? ollet 0
Vice holder ORUST 0
Diesel Deck Filler ORUST 2
Hatch for anchorroom Peter 1
Fire! ORUST 0
Propellers Johknu 3
Online again Johknu 3
Proper Cutter Rig Martin 625 17
New engine Beta Marin 30 Johknu 6
Water tank Juan Fuster 6
cleaning the fuel tank ulisse 5
Tiller Pilot Fram 5
New chainplates Albertina515 7
Pentry top Peter 11
New Table ORUST 7
Charge regulator ORUST 2
Rudder repair pictures Peter 16
Skylight Peter 2
Help removing steering wheel Lars 1
Selling Monsun 484 juanma 0
Have you changed your Monsun engine? Johknu 36
Small tips ORUST 10
Solar panels Albertina515 5
cleaning the fuel tank ulisse 1
Selling monsun 201-1975 johlov 0
Toilet room Peter 2
Simple day tank Albertina515 1
Broken Mainsheet trotter Magnus Lagerberg 3
Hatch is leak Roar Holtborg 1
cabin ceiling ulisse 4
Hardtop Fargoer 6
Centerline hull repair Colmena 1
Jib for high winds Martin 2
Fix boom Martin 625 1
Aluminium toerail S/V Magisk Teppe 7
Drain plugg Björn 4
Monsun 778 "Athesa" in San Francisco Bay Sindbaad 1
Taller mast S/V Magisk Teppe 2
Ruder repair pictures 2 kizzi 5
Shelf in the locker Peter 7
Welcome to the new forum! Johknu 20
new propeller mauro276 3
Main sheet traveller Bo Hedqvist 1
Boom roller mechanism michidago 0
Mast roller reefing Peter Garven 4
leading lines to cockpit tormelin1 0
What kind of battery charger are you using? Johknu 5 Albertina515 1
Smart idea Peter 5
New Genoa Colmena 6
Rudder/new engine Peter 16
Ice box to refrigerator conversion Colmena 3
Adding images to your posts Johknu 4
Standard sailplan Monsun Johknu 0
tiller varnish? Fargoer 2
Portlight rain covers (type Port Visor) Albertina515 1
Chafe protection to wooden toerails Albertina515 3
For sale sprayhood frames (aluminium) tormelin1 0
Question about teak decks Johknu 3
Roller reefing mechanism Peter Garven 4
Send personal messages to other members Johknu 0
Painting the deck Albertina515 1
Axel tighteningbox mekman 2

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